This Website is all about how to learn typing online. How much fast can you type on keyboard ? Here you can find lessons with practice sessions.

You can calculate typing speed here in word per minute. It's free of cost..!!

Stop Writing ! ! Start Typing ! !
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Is typing important now a days ?  YES, it is important, Now a days everybody is spending more time on chatting , typing , browsing.

Do you think you can type faster without any errors ??  Then just take our TYPING SPEED TEST and check how fast you are !!

Do you think you need to improve your typing skills ??  Then just take our typing lessons and improve your typing skills !!

Now a days, where ever we go, or in which ever sector we work, computer has become the mandatory everywhere. 

Typing is assosiated with every computer.we are providing simple way to learn typing with in short period in online typing speed test.

                                                   So typing is essential for anyone. So START TYPING ..

The faster you type the faster you complete your work. This will be helpful for you in every kind of industry, might be a normal data 

entry job or a corporate job. If you are a slow learner do not worry this site will definitely help you in teaching the simple way to type 

faster. We are not saying that you cannot be best without knowing typing skills but we are explaining that it complements your skills

when you will be able to complete a day work in half a day time. If you are very good at spending time near computer then it does not

take so much time for you to learn through our lessons. Follow these lessons carefully, practice more and then you can succeed in typing

more words per minute. All that you have to do is nothing but keep on trying and typing the texts provided in this site and then start 

testing yourself from which you can analyze about your rate of speed and how good you can be once you complete your all classes here.